The mission of the Oregon Association of Community Corrections Directors (OACCD) is to provide leadership, advocacy, and support services to Community Corrections agencies so they can positively impact clients, victims, and the safety and livability of our communities.
Justice Reinvestment in Oregon
Klamath Justice Advancement Collaborative (KJAC)

JRI funds are providing the following personnel and services: Klamath County Jail capacity, in-custody treatment, Pre-Trial services.
Funding operations at the Klamath County Jail gives each component of the Klamath County Public Safety System access to a needed resource for local control sentencing and sanction capacity. Local control sentencing practices keep decisions at the local level for property, drug and driving offenses.  Local control sentencing provides the opportunity to keep justice involved individuals in the community, with immediate access to behavioral health services while completing a sentence or Community Corrections supervision requirements. This reduces our community need for state prison resources.

JRI funds a portion of the cost to have a Behavioral Health Coordinator (BHC) for early identification of individuals with mental health disorders entering custody. This assessment occurs within the first few days of incarceration. The BHC works in conjunction with Pre-Trial to develop a release plan utilizing local mental health services.  The BHC arranges in-custody treatment services for those not released.

JRI funds one FTE and one 0.57 Pre-Trial Officers. Pre-Trial Services in Klamath County works with other community resources to support an evidenced based pre-trial release plan providing several enhanced community outcomes, community safety, pre-trial release and court attendance through adjudication. Pre-Trial Release Officers provide assistance with jail population management by utilizing evidenced based risk tools to provide an objective pre-trial release plan for the Circuit Court.  They assist in identifying individuals for release while providing a plan to support victim and public safety; identify individuals on community supervision for property, drug and driving offensives whom have been charged with a new crime that could send them to prison; and work to identify individuals that could benefit from the specialty court process i.e. Drug Court, Veterans Court, Behavioral Intervention Court and Family Court.

Local control sentence and sanction capacity is a vital part of the Klamath County Public Safety System.  Holding people on Community Supervision accountable with a local sanction allows people to be managed in the community vs state prison.

Klamath County Jail:
Sanction capacity 44 jail beds
Engage adults in custody with treatment groups
Transition planning for adults in custody

Behavioral Health Coordinator works to:
Identify people with a mental health disorder while incarcerated
Provide a mental health transition plan

Pre-Trial Release:
Uses evidenced based risks assessment to develop release recommendation
Increase pre-trial releases to reduce jail crowding
Increase accountability of people on pre-trial release
Support victim and community safety

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